Student Council

WEEK OF 11/8/21

Hi, my name is Reesejilian Matsuo, Randall’s 2021-2022 president. One special announcement in this week’s superstar news is that on Friday November 12 2021 it will be decade day meaning that you should dress up as a different decade of your choice such as the 90’s, 80’s, or 2000’s. I will also share a slide presentation to what we can/should wear and what we cannot wear. Please present the slide and this week’s super star news video. Also please remind your class that if they do not want to dress up that is okay they just need to come in uniform.
Thank youStudent Council

Week of 10/25/21

Good morning everyone! Hope you have an amazing Tuesday! Below is our 3 superstar news!
We will be selling candy grams today tomorrow and Thursday after school until they sell out.
For the door competition, student council is mostly looking for creativity and collaboration. We will go around on Friday and pick a winner. More info on how we will be vote coming soon.
Thank you all so much for your support!
Thank you Leslie

Week of 10/18/21

This weeks superstar news is below!
We will now be recording Monday’s and posting Tuesday mornings so keep a look out!
Two main things are getting announced, our student council has decided they want to get the whole school involved in a Halloween door decorating competition. The day of the competition will be the 29th the winning class will get a pizza party! Also please to our office staff, student council would love for you to participate as well, they said winning staff member will also get a prize (Starbucks gift card).
Second big announcement is next Tuesday student council will start selling candy grams ranging from 1 dollar to 5 dollars after school. These grams will then get passed out Friday the 29th.
We can’t wait for all the fun things coming.

Week of 10/11/21

is our first superstar news, it’s a short and sweet one!

Please play it to your kiddos or share it in a google classroom, which ever works best For you!

Two big announcements are included

1. Our first dress up day is this Friday, COMFY DAY( I will have students send out slides with ideas of what can And cants be worn on comfy day)

2. We will be selling candy grams again starting the week of the 25th ranging from 1 dollar to 5 dollars.

These grams will get passed out in classrooms on the 29th

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Week of 10/25/21


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