Dual Language Programs are a Choice Program. It is an additive bilingual program where students engage in formal second language study from Kindergarten to 6th grades. In Dual Language programs both native speakers of the target language and non-target language speakers are mixed together in the same classroom. All students are taught to read and write first in the target language. Randall will be implementing a Spanish/English Dual Language Program.

The goals are the same for all Dual Language Immersion Programs and requires the program to be carefully designed K-high school in order to help students achieve high levels of bilingualism, grade level or above reading, writing abilities in two languages and understand how to use the language with the people that speak the language in formal and informal situations.

Randall will implement a 90-10 program model: 90% Spanish and 10% English in Kinder and 1st grade. The amount of English increases every year after until in 5th and 6th grade students work 50% of the day in Spanish and 50% in English.

The teachers deliver monolingual instruction. The day is split via content area--certain subjects are taught in Spanish others in English. For example, in Kinder, the language of instruction is Spanish for language arts, math, science, social studies, and P.E. English is the language of instruction for English Language Development.


Spanish Reading: Benchmark Education

English Reading: To be piloted in 2016-17

Writing in English: Writer’s Workshop

Math: Math in Focus

In Addition, Randall will be adopting the SEAL (Sobrato Early Academic Language) Model for the instructional framework for Science and Social Science beginning with grades TK-1 in the 2016-17 school year.